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My theory was always that our sexual arousal stimuli are set, or at least tweaked, around adolescence. It scares me how many people read this article without commenting. This went on for 1. Told parents around Thanks for proving our point.

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There is no single, authentic, transgender experience…but a whole range of gender variant behaviours.

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Are Sissies Transgender? Why Contemporary Transgender Theory is Absurd.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Like Liked by 4 people. The things is, it's true that any number of them may or may not "actually" also be transgender - that is for them to realize at whatever point in their lives, not for us to decide - and being or having been one does not exclude the possibility of being the other, but They are also indicators that you are doing something frightening and worthwhile. And the main thingnaturally some people get turned on fantasizing somethingbelieving it to be greatsomething thrillingsomething differentwhich gets us excited.

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A history of cross gender arousal — be it sissification, female embodiment or erotic cross dressing — in combination with denial, is not just coincidental in LOTs but universal. I would have survived as an unusual fella, but my life is so much richer for having gone on this journey, so much more beautiful. Anyway, back to work. Within a short space of time a concept can go from plausible, rational and necessary, to being utterly absurd. The point of view I wanted to bring here for some of them that are thinking that sissy porn converted them in women, is to consider the possibility that they can have and enjoy this fantasy without that meaning that you should transform into a woman. Bad sex is bad sex period. But every time I consider it, I think about how impossible it would be — how everyone in my life would react.

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