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Play Music Pause Music. Gay s - s managed by Chris Jean-Louis. Neil Buchanan Gay Sr. That is known as maturity. The latest stance against gay marriage that bigoted reactionary conservatives have taken, is the sanctity of marriage. Or is that just another perverted view point you want to take. Martha Jane Gay managed by Danielle Whitehead.

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Amanda Gay s managed by Amanda Gay 1. Neil Buchanan Gay Sr. Frank Gay managed by Frank Gay last edited 13 Aug It represents, repression, human bondage, death and suffering of hundreds of thousands of human beings all for the case of maintaining the status quo. The Moral Degradation of this nation is as appalling as gay marriage. This GAY index was pre-built so it loads quickly. Sallie, I am unable to contact via email with your listed email address.

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Could you emal me so that I can share my information with you? Logic, common sense and even finances mean nothing. Archibald Gay abt - 09 Aug Anne Gay aft managed by Wesley Doughman last edited 24 Jul I am a firm believer in the important role of free market mechanisms and, occasionally, even in the invisible hand. Gay s managed by David Gay