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As above it's called versatile. When you get down to it on a very private and personal level, a lot of gay men actually don't care. Get our newsletter every Friday! I used to be self-conscious about it but honestly it has become a selling point. It's well known that obesity effectively reduces penis size. I'm not normally the jealous type, but I know for a fact size matters and that only makes it worse. Ive never really seen any size comparisons in my time, but I could see it happening.

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Now my current partner is fantastic, everything is exploratory and we have exceedingly honest, open feelings about intimacy.

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Ok, let's be clear. There is a gay bar pretty close to my job, can't exactly call much of the clientele exiting it for shapely we can spot the entry from work. First to make contact with any part of the opponents body 3 times except legs too easy wins. Do you feel this to be the case? I have a big dick.

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I think gay guys prefer a prettier dick over a huge one. That's definitely something I've always observed. I'm married to a gorgeous woman I adore but thankfully she's all for letting me explore my bi side. There's no sexual situation where I'm going to be comparing penises with him and wanting one my size instead of his. The idea of being with guys grew over time. Filter posts by subject: These labels we use are not even a little relevant to me.

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