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Yep Oh dude you gotta see this he's insane with football stats No way It's open Hey guys, what's up? Don't Tell Gay Robot Original and similar lyrics. Why does everybody wanna fucking hurt us? Sy Borg ends up dying due to overly vigorous intercourse with Joe, the opera's protagonist. Doracell ] Nothin but that gangsta shit to my thugs Puffin on a gang of shit smokin luv Niggas gangbang and shit, rub-a-dub No matter what you claim and shit, throw it up 2x [ VERSE 2:

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I gives a fuck, if you dwell from the East to West As long as you feel the south, nigga, you can bet I got

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Archived from the original on December 2, Fuck it i'm gonna get another beer You guy's want one? Why does everybody wanna fucking hurt us? The motheruckin T I give less than a fuck about any of them Or their fuckin police friends They'd like to take me out Make me a goner They even tryin to sweat Time Warner Why For tellin the truth to the youth That a lot of motherfuckers are hot And want police shot You can't stop the shock The fires are out But the coals are still hot I got juice to bring pain You tryin to fuck with the Ice Are you insane This shit is bigger than me Be warned It's the calm before the storm And every fuckin thing I write Is gonna be analyzed by somebody white [Chorus] [Verse 3: Randy Pitchford, the "Gearbox boss," stated at a BAFTA event that "sexuality is part of the Duke personality," explaining that the original idea behind the sidekick was "to explore how Duke would relate to a peer that might have a different sexual orientation. In William Hoffman 's play As Isrepresenting "the opening salvo in the theatrical war against AIDS ," [20] the character Saul turns into a "flamboyantly gay robot" as part of a chorus of characters presenting diverse views on the AIDS pandemic. Sid and Marty Kroft:

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In filmmaker Mike Buonaiuto presented a fictitious gay robot available to consumers named Adam to raise "awareness of the importance of self-acceptance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Swardson revealed he had written a four-part mystery series, "Gay Robot and the Curse of the Haunted Jockstrap" for Gay Robot but the network killed it after the script phase. We in double Always sickin out and stomp out, nigga gettin nervous And that stutterin in your voice, pal, that's gon' get your service Ain't no muthafuckin game, nigga, disrespect Remember the next time that bullshit gon' get you x-ed Do yo thang, but don't you ever trick Don't you ever switch, if you get caught, then don't you ever snitch If you do, you'se a bitch, full of shit Lots of holes in ya Pop a hole in a hoe nigga [ CHORUS ]. Fictional gay males Fictional robots Comedy sketches Fictional characters introduced in American football media Adam Sandler.

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