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Well I'm in Atlanta hun and I would love to experience all of what you want! I don't think slutty gays in the porn industry could even do that. They left the room with virtually no noise whatsoever, only the light sounds of their footsteps audible to only those three. I stared at Lisa, thinking about how hot she looked on the tape, taking off her clothes and masturbating in front of the camera. He wanted to feel Cena's mouth accommodate the whole of his shaft, like he did with Dean. They may not have stopped Cena from being promiscuous, but they did manage to transform him from independent hero into their personal bitch, all in the space of fifteen minutes. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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John tried to scream in protest but his mouth was filled by the leader of the Shield's thick cock.

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He's done this type of before Seth, like I've already stated. He tried desperately to get free of the handcuffs but the more he struggled the tighter they felt. Justice needed to be served, and who better to serve it than the justice seeking members of the Shield? John's plan for escape being again stopped by Dean he felt pretty hopeless. I don't think it's cool to try to trick or sneak someone into something.

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What an absolute slut! He pulled his mouth off of Deans erect cock. Sounds like your type of expertise, doesn't it? Because of all this" He pointed to the exercise equipment around him. He was about to be the Shield's personal bitch. The WWE had been an unjustifiable place for far too long.

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